Lam Nguyen


Huntington Beach - South

About Lam Nguyen

Born in Vietnam and residing in California since the age of four, I embrace both my Vietnamese heritage and Californian identity. After growing up in the High Desert, I can definitively say that I truly appreciate the luxury of living so close to the beach.

I am a product of the University of California, Merced -- Go Bobcats! -- where I participated in the Speech & Debate Club, volunteered as a research assistant and worked part-time as a software developer. Having studied Game Theory, Decision Making, Statistics and a plethora of other topics in college, I am well-equipped to utilize both modern day perspectives and traditional skills to negotiate the best deals for my clients.

I chose to work with First Team because the company's core values of putting the customer first align with my own. First Team also provides the technology and network of professionals required to navigate the bustling real estate markets of Southern California.

I continue to leverage my background in research and technology as well as the extensive resources of First Team to address the needs of my clients and to help them meet their real estate goals. Outside of realty, I enjoy following sports, attending live concerts and going to the movies.